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Hook-Eye Action Camera is perfect for discovering nature and the hidden wonders of the world around us: very tough and waterproof up to 590 feet /180 meters, it can be easily mounted on any kind of support.
It is equipped with an integrated LED lighting system that automatically switches on and off according to the light conditions and features 3 hours of battery life.

Its software allows you to customize it according to your needs.
Hook-Eye’s Loop Recording allows the cam to produce a series of videos whose duration can be set according to the user’s needs, while sleep mode allows you to set the time that the cam will standby between a video and the next. In fact, you can use the battery’s three hours of recording for a much longer period, even days and days. For example, setting loop recording to 1 and this parameter to 59, the cam will record for 1 minute every hour.

Hook-Eye Cam can be sunk near a fish den, trolled over a wreck, mounted on to every action camera support or tightened to any object thanks to the threaded holes on its body.

Hook-Eye’s versatility and toughness allow it to be used in extreme environments, allowing you to look at unusual scenarios!




To help its customers, Hook-Eye has created a dedicated site where you can find FAQs and video tutorials to help you assemble your camera. FIND OUT ABOUT  SUPPORT WEBSITE



hook-eye no casing needed

No casing needed! The Hook-Eye can operate in depths as low as 590 feet (180 meters) below the surface without any additional housing.
Because of its unique design and toughness, it does not need underwater casing and it is small and light to take underwater.

action camera

The Hook-Eye Action Cam is provided with an automatic LED light system which can switch automatically on and off according to light conditions.
The cam is able to record a fullHD video(1920×1080) for 3 hours with its fully-charged battery pack.


HOOK-EYE EASY USE – It is thought and easy to use. Its settings are pre-defined and it can be turned on and off just with the magnetic wristband supplied with it… so you can even let your children enjoy it! Furthermore, the cam is buoyant and will just swim with you or float to surface in case you drop it in the water.


    • No extra casing needed – No external buttons and switches – Magnetic activation
    • Hydrodynamic rugged body – Waterproof up to 590 ft (180 mts) depth
    • Built-in powerful LED lighting system – automatic activation based on light conditions
    • Built-in Microphone
    • FULL HD – 1080p 30fps, 1080p 25fps, 720p 30fps, 720p 25fps, 720p 60fps, 720p 50fps
    • Auto, pre-set and user-defined White Balance
    • Auto and user selectable exposure level
    • 3-hour continuous recording – Standby mode
    • MP4 le format H264 codec
    • 2000mAh changeable rechargeable LiPo battery – 3 hours
    • Micro SD card class 10 or higher recommended – 32 GB card supported
    • Easy file based configuration
    • User updatable firmware
    • Coated electronics
    • All-glass high-quality 7 element TV coated lens
    • Wide angle lens F1.8 140°
    • High Sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor for low light performance
    • Back frame filter bay for optical filters on lens and lights
    • Back frame accessory bay
    • Bottom accessory rail
    • Silica gel housing for anti-moisture