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The Hook-Eye Sportfishing Cam is designed to be attached to any fishing line or leader in order to capture fast action and shoot high-definition videos even in extreme conditions, such as Marlin fight.
Its unique hydro-dynamic design and features make it the ultimate action camera for all kinds of underwater activities, with a particular attention to Big Game and sportfishing, which is what it was born for. Hook-Eye features a fishing line attachment system placed along the bottom of the body, which allows sliding the camera through the leader into the water, with no need to cut the line. The camera is then free to slide back and forth on the line, following action without ever interfering with it. 


We believe in being responsible to the environment and therefore Hook-Eye Sportfishing Action Cam is an eco-friendly device. The Anti-Shock Floating Waterproof Case is made to be used as a floating waterproof accessory box and comes free with your purchase. The Case contains the camera and the quick-start guide. Sinkers are made in tungsten to prevent lead pollution in the ocean. 

The Start Pack includes:

Hook-Eye Cam Review


Don’t miss anything! Hook-Eye Cam Review by Antonio Amaral

A beautiful and accurate review of Hook-Eye Sportfishing Camera has been published by Antonio Amaral on the renowned Brasilian magazine “Pesca & Companhia”, which dedicated three pages to Hook-Eye Cam review. Captain “Tuba” Amaral has been a professional charter captain his entire working life, first southwest of Rio at Ilhabela […]

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Sportfishing Cameras and Hook-Eye Comparison

Hook-Eye Sportfishing  Action Camera has been specifically developed to enable anglers visually to record their deep-sea exploits. Thanks to its unique hydrodynamic design and line attachment system, Hook-Eye is free to slide on the line and swim with the lure, recording everything without ever interfering with fishing action. Furthermore, you never […]

Tungsten Sinkers Hook-Eye


Hook-Eye Tungsten Sinkers

Why do we use tungsten sinkers? Today every angler is committed to preserving fish and fishing environment.  As environmental concerns grow and the awareness regarding the toxicity of lead increases, more and more anglers are turning towards tungsten as their material of choice for weighted applications. What’s more, tungsten, having a […]

Miami International Boat Show Hook-Eye



After 2 years of thorough testing all over the world,  from Europe to Cabo Verde to Australia, Hook-Eye Underwater Sportfishing Action cam has been successfully presented to public during the Miami International Boat Show from February 16th to 20th, 2017. Sea-life lovers have been introduced to this amazing new action […]