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Born for Big Game, the Hook-Eye Sportfishing Camera is designed to be attached to any fishing line or leader in order to capture fast action and shoot high-definition videos even in extreme conditions, such as Marlin fight.
Hook-Eye features a fishing line attachment system placed along the bottom of the body, which allows the cam to slide back and forth on the fishing line, following hook up and fight, with no need to ever cut the line and no interference with the action. It is equipped with an adjustable centerboard and three different-sized eco-friendly tungsten sinkers to adapt to most kinds of fishing. 


hook-eye teaser

Thanks to its hydrodynamic shape, the cam is buoyant and behaves like a teaser, staying on top during trolling and resulting very attractive to predators. Therefore, not only Hook-Eye does not interfere with the action, but has the amazing peculiarity to encourage the fish to cruise over and look at what is going on after the lure!

Hook-Eye Sportfishing Action Cam

Completely waterproof up to 590 feet the Hook-Eye Sportfishing Action Cam is provided with an automatic LED lighting system which switches automatically on and off according to light conditions.
The cam is able to record a full HD video (1920 x 1080p) for 3 hours with its fully-charged battery pack.

Hook-Eye Camera action camera

The Hook-Eye Camera is stable up to 10 knots speed, thanks to its adjustable centerboard equipped with different-sized sinkers (30 grams – 100 grams – 200 grams). Its rugged body and the absence of external buttons make it very resistant to pressure, speed and shocks. The Hook-Eye Sport Fishing Action Cam is free to slide on the fishing line and does not need knots and line cutting in order to mount it. The steel cable provided in the starter kit can also be used to further secure the cam to the line. This will not prevent it to slide back and forth on the line. 


    • No extra casing needed – No external buttons and switches – Magnetic activation
    • Hydrodynamic rugged body – Waterproof up to 590 ft (180 mts) depth
    • Built-in powerful LED lighting system – automatic activation based on light conditions
    • Built-in Microphone
    • FULL HD – 1080p 30fps, 1080p 25fps, 720p 30fps, 720p 25fps, 720p 60fps, 720p 50fps
    • Auto, pre-set and user-defined White Balance
    • Auto and user selectable exposure level
    • 3-hour continuous recording – Standby mode
    • MP4 le format H264 codec
    • 2000mAh changeable rechargeable LiPo battery – 3 hours
    • Micro SD card class 10 or higher recommended – 32 GB card supported
    • Easy file based configuration
    • User updatable firmware
    • Coated electronics
    • All-glass high-quality 7 element TV coated lens
    • Wide angle lens F1.8 140°
    • High Sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor for low light performance
    • Back frame filter bay for optical filters on lens and lights
    • Centerboard with changeable weight system
    • Dual fishing line hooking system
    • Back frame accessory bay
    • Bottom accessory rail
    • Silica gel housing for anti-moisture
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