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Hook-Eye underwater action camera: technical features

The Hook-Eye underwater camera has been on the market since 2017 and is an completely unique and innovative product. It was designed by a team of experts in the construction of boats that defy the laws of physics, giving the cam a number of features that differentiate it from all other underwater cameras.

Using submarine design software, our team gave the camera a fluid dynamic design in order to eliminate water resistance.

With the Hook-Eye it is possible to record videos in full HD for 3 consecutive hours.

The Hook-Eye underwater camera can be used at a depth of up to 180 metres with an LED lighting system that automatically switches on and off according to light conditions.


The camera is available in two different versions:


The patented attachment system allows the camera to slide freely on the fishing line without the need to cut the line, and the tungsten sinkers of various weights allow it to adapt to any type of fishing.

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  • VERSION EQUIPPED FOR DIVING                _dsc2697

This is a professional camera that is also easy to handle and extremely easy to use thanks to a practical handle (sold separately) and to a magnetic bracelet that activates the switching on of the cam.

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    • No extra casing needed – No external buttons and switches – Magnetic activation
    • Hydrodynamic rugged body – Waterproof up to 590 ft (180 mts) depth
    • Built-in powerful LED lighting system – automatic activation based on light conditions
    • Built-in Microphone
    • FULL HD – 1080p 30fps, 1080p 25fps, 720p 30fps, 720p 25fps, 720p 60fps, 720p 50fps
    • Auto, pre-set and user-defined White Balance
    • Auto and user selectable exposure level
    • 3-hour continuous recording – Standby mode
    • MP4 le format H264 codec
    • 2000mAh changeable rechargeable LiPo battery – 3 hours
    • Micro SD card class 10 or higher recommended – 32 GB card supported
    • Easy file based configuration
    • User updatable firmware
    • Coated electronics
    • All-glass high-quality 7 element TV coated lens
    • Wide angle lens F1.8 140°
    • High Sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor for low light performance
    • Back frame filter bay for optical filters on lens and lights
    • Centerboard with changeable weight system
    • Back frame accessory bay
    • Bottom accessory rail
    • Silica gel housing for anti-moisture