Why do we use tungsten sinkers?


Today every angler is committed to preserving fish and fishing environment.  As environmental concerns grow and the awareness regarding the toxicity of lead increases, more and more anglers are turning towards tungsten as their material of choice for weighted applications.

What’s more, tungsten, having a higher density than lead, gives anglers the opportunity to use a smaller bodied weight than they might otherwise use.
Hook-Eye Sportfishing Action Cam is designed with ecology in mind, and we believe in being responsible to environment. This is why the ballast sinkers included in the camera’s kit are made in tungsten instead of lead. Tungsten sinkers are harder than steel and extremely dense; tungsten is on average 30% smaller than its lead counterpart. At just under twice the density of lead, the tungsten sinker is smaller, sleeker and heavier.

And, above all, we strongly believe that using sustainable fishing products helps to maintain the environment for the benefit of our kids and the future.